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Howdy to anyone reading this, my names dan and I'm obviously new here. I've been lurking around reading what others have written and trying to learn more about diy audio. I'm currently using a xls1502 class d crown amp and a parasound halo p3 pre. I've been looking for new gear and almost pulled the trigger on a fw f6 the other day, but I've decided I think I'd like to build my own amp, pre and phono. I haven't done any sort of electronics building since I was in high school. I've done some soldering on rc cars more recently, but I definitely could improve my skills. I've been looking at the aca, elekit and bottlehead stuff. I'd like to have my first introduction into audio equipment building be kits to take a little bit of the guess work out of sourcing parts and just general lack of knowledge. I appreciate any advice. Thank you. Glad to be here and I hope everyone's having a good day/night.
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I too am very novice and have so far built these. For me, these go from easy to hard. But honestly the documentation and help available here is so good the last two amps are pretty easy.
1. amp camp amp; everything included in the kit, low power but easy to build.
2. Bottlehead moreplay pre amp; great instructions, everything included in the kit.
3. Aleph j amp ; build threads here on diy, the noob thread and the original from 6L6 are great. The very thorough blogpot page is easy to follow. https://diyalephj.blogspot.com/
4. f6 amp; the build guide here on diy is a little less hand holding but not bad at all.