Hello from Denmark - buildt an amp!

Hi Forum

I have browsed this forum for a while, also posted some questions and answers. Now is the time for a short introduction.

I wanted to wait untill I got something solid state to work, and this is it: Szekers headphone amp (dc-coupled version) playin' beautifull music. I just 'had' to buy a set of Grado sr80's wich was the most expensive part of the project.

Learned something about heatsinks too. :D :D

About my self: I'm 26 years old, work as an electrician (still apprentice :eek: ). Next year I'm planing to start at the local enginering college. I don't know why it took so long, but here I am!

My interest in DIY audio is new. Last year I buildt a pair of floor standing speakers (someone remembering the cocrete postings?). Currently I'm building a larger MTM speaker, wich is a great project still on its way. In conjuntion with the latest, I've made the MLS-box and measuring microphone .

Future DIY projects: Alephs! I've allready got the toroids from Apex jr.