Hello, from Chile


2010-12-26 5:39 pm
Hi, my name is Héctor. I joined mainly because i'm getting more and more interested in Hi Fi audio. I plan on getting my house full of music in the future (this means full of speakers everywhere, in every room, in the backyard, etc).

But right now im kinda on the poor side, so i want to learn how to recycle all the old radios and stuff i have lying around, it would be a shame to trash 'em...

Well, thats me and why im here!
Welcome to the Forum Hector!....If your country is anything like here in Argentina....most people don't really "throw out" much of anything. That said you might very well come across some old Tube powered Stereo equipment. Look for the giant wooden consoles(1+ metres long)....chances are the old consoles are tube powered. Here in Argentina, there is a guy who owns a tire repair shop.... he has a wall filled with old tube radios....This is not the only instance of old radios "On display" Almost as if they like to just look at them.
Keep your eyes open for such a similar thing in your country & you could score lots of tube gear...that you could reconfigure into something modern.