Hello from Caithness Scotland

Hi Folks,

Thought I would join to learn/share common interests. :)

Most of my regular listening gear is Marantz: 2226BL Tuner/Amp with CD630 Deck, SA7001 Deck, 5010 4-Track, Panasonic 8-Track, etc.
I also have a love for valve amps: Armstrong A20 with PCU25 Control, a Mullard 3-3, a pair of Mullard 5-10s, a couple of Selmer PA100SVs, a Selmer TB50, a Laney 100W and some other obscurities buried away.
Speakers along the lines of Marantz 50 3-ways, Kenwood 100 3-ways, Bose 301 Series 4's (I'll duck now....:p) and AR18s etc.

So yeah, good mix of gear, broad musical tastes, been playing with it since I was little, Inst Tech to trade originally, still love building/experimenting.

Current project is building a stereo EF86 preamp with tone control for my Mullards (for adjusting line-level inputs from a range of sources), loosely based on the monobloc 2-valve preamp.

Been a lurker/guest for years, time to stick my head above the parapet :D

Thanks Folks1

I lived in Castletown for 18months while we built the gas plants.
The really bad winters of 80/81 and 81/82.
Have they blown away yet?

They are lasting well! Far better than the old gas-accumulators which were here before :)

Toilichte gu bheil thu an seo Alec.

Whats all this Gaelic rubbish? Ha ha sorry, I don't speak it I'm afraid, Gaelic hasn't been spoken in Caithness for maybe 300 years, even then only occasionally or intermittently. Far more likely to speak Norse, Norse/Scots Pictish or even a fair bit of French. :D

This site is a wealth of knowledge, I was hard pressed to decide between it and vintage-radio... Glad I did :)