Hello from Bulgaria - yep, "in a right fix..."

Just a very quick Hi to you all.
Currently I am living in Bulgaria and I am originally from England [London].

Recently, I purchased an inexpensive ICE system here in Bulgaria so that I could enjoy music outdoors in my newly created garden-terrace. :D

I wanted a small and discrete system where the speakers would be mounted into the roof cross-beams and a system that I could 'detach' and place securely indoors away from thieves. :cool:

My local-builder will create a 'fixed' mounting for the actual Panasonic unit so that it replicates the cage-deck removal approach found in cars.

However, it suddenly dawned on me that I have zero knowledge of getting this system to work using the house mains 240v. :scratch1:

Completely stumped about this so all simplified help will be much appreciated.

What I bought:
System: Panasonic CQ-C5303N - 50w x 4 WMA MP3 CD Player/Receiver

Speakerset 1: ES402 - Elite Sound Boost 4" 2-way speakers - Peak output Power - 80w [4 Ohm]

Speakerset 2: ESP-6535R Elite 5 1/4" 3-way speakers - Peak output Power - 150w [4 Ohm]

Thanks in advance for reading this...