Hello everyone, a beginner question.


2020-02-29 2:28 am
Hello everyone. I'm an ee student from Turkey. I've a bit of experience in digital electronics. Made some simple analog circuits as well. Electronics have always been my hobby and searching on google about my last project led me here:)

I'm looking for an amp to drive a 20" 4ohm 150w max cont subwoofer in a car. But i got confused after research. TDA1560 seems like an easy way to drive it but i'm not sure if it will suffice in terms of power. My goal is to drive it around 100w to stay away from limits while getting best sound out of it possible. I understand i need to boost voltage level to achive that power, which led me to boostor on this forum.

What amp circuit do you think would be appropriate for this project to use with boostor? Simpler the better. Also what kind of input filter would i need to protect it from cars noise? And one last thing, do you think it would worth to build this sort of system as compared to simple TDA in terms of better bass response? Thanks for reading:)