Hello and greetings from Austria

Hi, my name is Andreas ,I am forty-something years old and live in the small european country of Austria. I never was a member at any internetforum, so I struggled for a while whether I should registrate or not, last but not least I did it ( for several reasons ). At first it´s a pleasure to see that I am not the only freaky audio-guy on this planet ( as my wife thinks ). I watched some threads in the past with interest, but for some questions I didn´t find an adequate answer, so I will ask from time to time this and that ( and hope for some reply ). Furthermore I am impressed of the kind of discussion ( factual, polite, without arrogance, relaxed and with a touch of humour ) and the variety of members, from absolute beginners to well experienced people, being around audio for decades.

Now a few words to my relationship on audio, music and electronics ( that´s the meaning of the introduction I guess ).
In my youth I went to an engineering school for communication-electronics, at that time I also began to play guitar in various heavy metal bands ( but meanwhile my taste in music changed radically to classical and some jazz ). After school I worked a few years as a sound technician in a small theatre, my further worklife was and is still not related to audio, electronics or music at all (sometimes to my regret ). Many years I focused on various other doings until about 3 years ago the hifi virus caught me. I remebered my technical education and did my first steps in modifying speakers and amps very cautiously ( well, you can forget a lot of stuff within 25 years ). In the meantime I completed a small number of own designed projects ( and yes, I am a hardcore diy - pcbs have to be homeetched ) among others one AD797 based preamp with relay switched attenuator, and it needed not more than 5 versions till it worked satisfactorily ;).
Thats it, thank you for your attention.

Sorry to all the English native speakers for my, let me say, "strange" English.