Hello All

What a great forum, lots of useful information and mouth-watering pics. I'm afraid I haven't anything nice to show you yet as most of my home-made toys were destroyed in a fire years ago.
The first 'project' I completed, in the late 60's was to add another channel to my portable valve record player and make it into a stereo.
In recent years I restored a few radio sets, but the cost of parts was becoming prohibitive, so i got rid of most of them.
My interest is in simple amplifiers like J L Hood and 'Zen type designs.

I aquired a kit amplifier a few years ago and would like to hear members' views on its merits or lack of, before I either build or sell it. Which part of the forum to I use to post the pics and ask for opinions?


diyAudio Moderator R.I.P.
2005-11-24 1:47 am
hi, mike, and welcome

try solid state or Pass forum

if you use advanced search there will be lots of info to find
some threads are better than others
might be a good thing to notice activity
and maybe time/date of last post

good luck