Hello all

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Hi Gabe, nice to see your name here! I built your MAG-1515, or at least the EL84 project amp on your website, several months ago. This was my first completely scratch-built power amp, and I highly recommend it.

It fired right up first time, had decent voltages, and has impressed me with its sound ever since. Amazing how good a pentode can sound. Nice to have a different kind of amp to play with, and one that can drive speakers in the 90-94dB/W range, unlike my 6A3 SE monoblocks.

I'm thinking about a huge revamp, modding this amp rather than starting a new one. I'm thinking 6CK4 outputs and a balanced input, no splitter, just straight in to input/driver tubes.

Anyway, your website has been very helpful to me an the pursuit of tube amp design and construction. Yes! Having fun, that's what it's been about for me.


Hi All,

Thanks for the welcome. I am glad others have also put together the amp that introduced me into the wonderful world of tubes to begin wih. Hey, that amp can drive even less efficient speakers.

I haven't been on RAT for awhile myself. Seems that if certain persons aren't there to flame, there is not as much good going on.

Yes, I am offering a budget 300B amp. I am truly surprised at how it sounds. I know from looking at the specs of that tube that it is a good one, but didn't expect how much. And since the tubes are not cheap to begin with, it was quite disturbing to me to see how many kits there were out there that were not very cheap. I do not like blowing my own horn, which is why I reserve my opinions and ask that readers read my customers comments. I only have one in print, but another says he loves the way it sounds and got rid of his Sun Audio amp.

A friend of mine also heard it and said he felt as though the singers were right in the room, and the details were spooky (my sentiments also!). That from my sloppy prototype on cheap but home made speakers. I am truly impressed by the 300B. And the Chinese ones at that! I also have a pair of EH ones, and they do not sound all that different, but I suspect that they need breaking in.

Well, I truly enjoy it. The One Electron transformers are outstanding. Bass is so tight and deep that I am actually (or it seems that way) hearing more of the fundamental notes of the bass than the harmonics. And the wave form is right on, not purposely even harmonic distorted like the Hammonds. Next, I would like to try the Magnequest. That is all that I would allow this hobby to take me. I do not believe that going for $500 plus apiece iron would be worth the trip. I believe in the diminishing returns theory. Like the copper foil paper in oil capacitor that I bought that cost 18 buck apiece. Sound good, and made a difference, but not enough to warrant changing from the 85 cent orange drops which sound clearer in the high end. I can see if they were a few bucks versus 85 cents, but 18?? Nah.

Well, enough about my stuff. Thanks again for the welcome and I hope I can help out others to have the same fun I have.

This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.