Hello all!

I'm Vui-kong Wong from Malaysia. In case you're all wondering, no, we don't have terrorists here. hee Hee Hee

I graduated from University of New Brunswick, Canada with a BSc in Electrical Engineering in 1990. Am currently employed in an electricity utility company in the state of Sabah.

Audio has always been my passion. But back in those days (late 80s and early 90s), internet was not available. I just got my internet access about 3 yrs ago.

The wealth of info over the net is incredible! Just to get a data book use to be a next to impossible thing, now it's free! I revived my passion and now, here I am!

Some components (esply high quality pots) are still hard to come by, esply in this part of the world. Counterfeit components are a way of life. Luckily, I still can order via the net or be able to learn fast enough to tell the real thing from the fakes.

Long Live Audio and the DIYers!!!!!!!!