Heil arrays up and running ;^)

Just got the arrays hooked up tonight. :)

The way I have the arrays placed, about a foot in front of the cabinets and a few inches to the outside, I figured that there might be some issues with linearity: treble and mids being too pronounced; but surprisingly there is none.

Am listening to Al Di Meola's Consequence of Chaos on CD and it is sounding very nice.

The arrays sound like a single Heil except more, lol. More of the same great rendition of mid and high frequencies. Cymbals, bells, etc are all incredibly realistic. Think I will put on some Andreas Vollenweider vinyl later.

I have my CD player going through a Dac Magic into my AI Modulous 3 then into a pair of VAS Citation Sound mono blocks running EI KT90s in triode.

My room is probably a wee bit small but all in all I'm happy so far with how the arrays are sounding.




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I wasn't sure at first if I would have the clearance to place the arrays on top of the AMT cabinets but they will just fit. The speakers are in an alcove so it should be a good place for them as far as reflecting the back wave goes.

I've decided to replace the diaphragms in all of the Heil's because they are a bit uneven in output; probably because of varying amounts of use, and abuse ;).

I already have a pair of diaphragms so I'll probably order the rest from Parts Express since they offer them for $70 a pop if you buy more than 4.


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