HEED amplifier clone with Burson Audio V6 "Vivid"

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Evening....Here's my last project based on the HEED clone as headphone class A amplifier (I already built one identical times ago), but this time improved with a toroidal transformer and a better PSU filtering. The trafo is a 20VA with c.t. secondary (9-0-9)...reservoir capacitor for PSU a 10000uF/25V and a filter Panasonic FC 100uF25V for the RC part.
In particular, the better side of this amp was possible thanks to the kind gift of Carlos of Burson Audio, giving me the wonderful V6 Vivid opamp making it litteraly "fly", compared to the standard opamps (like NE5532 or similar). A really nice and realistic listening to my ears.


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Which is odd because measurements show the Bursons are similar in performance to NE5532's maybe a little less performant. You may be victim to expectation bias I fear.

The thread about this is from a month or two ago I can't place it off the top of my head, but it was a head-to-head analysis.
I went in with a somewhat anti-expectation bias - I was expecting there to be either no change, or worse sound from the Bursons (considering throwing something into a circuit without design consideration is generally a bad idea) but I was pleased with the sound.

To me there were audible differences (spatial and detail) and the measurements I took showed that there was some difference in performance between the two (but measurements can't tell you what that exactly sounds like). The noise level measured worse in the bursons but I don't recall it being audible.

I've not tried other amps, only the NE5532 of my own creation based on a very simple inverting configuration so I can't really say what might sound best to you. I have never participated in the whole 'opamp rolling' but there are others on the forum who have tried the Bursons in things like DACs and CD players. Do a search of the site via Google as there are a handful of threads on here.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.