we have a reasonable qty. of heatsinks measuring 8" x 5" x 1.6" (200 x 120 x 40mm) with a 3/8" (10mm) baseplate.

we also have a qty. of cases, the heatsinks are sides of the case in the pic to give you an idea.

we ask $12 for each heatsink , qty. discounts possible.


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about shipping i dont really know , it will depend a lot of the qty. and the way of shipping (ups, parcel post,...)

the profile is somewhat like the fischer sk47 and the c/w is about 0.6 deg. celcius/w.

regards k madsen - cadaudio.dk

ps. with some interest we could arrange a combined shipment and some qty. discount as well.....

I am starting my first amp project and going with the A75. I know a bit about electronics but am stupid about heat sinks. Anyone know if these heat sinks will be enough to soak the heat produced by the A75?

I was thinking of 4 of them could be combined to make a 10 x 16 x 1.6 heatsink for one side of case for a total of 8 blocks for two sides. Im using the can type mosfets so I would require attach a rail of some kind.

So what would be the cost of 8 sinks shipped to Canada?

BTW This is my first post. Hi Everybody!

James C.

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