Heatsink Resources Survey


2001-08-23 6:17 am
The majority of the projects here seem to require large heatsinks in their design. They seem to be difficult to find and generally expensive.

To help others overcome this stumbling block, I am hoping that those who have found good places to buy heatsinks will reply to this thread.

-really nice aleph style case can be made for US$500

-quoted US$200 for two heatsinks for aleph5

-various cheap smaller heatsinks for the PCB components
-cheap large caps for aleph projects

As you can see, I haven't had much luck finding a cheap heatsink that can dissipate >100W a piece :)
Yes, it's difficult for DIYers to obtain large dissipation heat sinks and suitable chassis! I don't have the tools or ability to to my own machining. For my heavy duty class A sinks, I also ended up going the custom route with R-Theta for heat-sinks. In the past, I have used some Fischer sinks obtained from Erno Borbely to use with some projects I purchased through his company. I recently visited his site and noticed he sells chassis with integrated heat sink.



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2003-04-22 2:21 am
another source is to go ebay and you will find some of them - not cheap but at least available.

On a similar note: does anyone know where I can find 1) large sheet of silpads? I want to be able to cut my own shapes; and 2) mounting kits like the washers? I have been using small plastic tubing that isn't the most desirable thing in the world.


2003-01-14 1:06 am
I think the digikey part number for the mounting kit is


depending on diameter needed. They'll replace the little tube you're currently using and you'll be able to use metallic screw without any contact between the IC and the heatsink.

As for the silpad, there's really too much of them to list them all :)

I hope this helps !