Heatsink design tools.

Well, I was wondering if anyone knows of any software to aid in the design of heatsinks, simulations maybe. I recently found out at my fathers work there a machine that will cut metal with pressurised water, so I'll be using this to make my heatsinks :) and I get to design them and get them for free, sounds great except I don't know if my designs will be enough cooling, or be horrible overkill (I guess horrible overkill wouldn't be a bad thing), so I'd like a way to find out (without having them made then testing them then...).
Unless you're going to design something that's totally different, why not go to one of the heatsink manufacturer's websites and use one of their designs as a reference point?

Most of the sites also have heatsink calculators....

Search under heatsinks for the various vendors... There's lots of stuff on this topic...

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The 4/78 issue of Audo Amateur has a very useful article on the subject. If you could dig up a copy, you would be gold. It is only 3 pages, but tells you almost everything you need to know.

This is the same issue that has the Pass A40 class A amplifier. AudioXpress no longer lists this year available on thier back issues page.

The math is no more complicated than a series/parallel resistor problem. Wakefeild Heatsink Company used to put a good primer in thier catalog.

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