Hearing Loss - Need mono audio, please help!!

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To whom it concerns,

First time poster so if I am in the wrong place let me know where to go! Also, I am not "technologically" inclined so don't ask me to build my own components :confused:

I am looking for some audio equipment that will convert a stereo source signal to mono.

I am trying to take the audio coming from my Vizio TV and convert it from a stereo signal to mono for a gaming headset or ear buds. Most of my content comes from my Xbox One which does not have a mono setting (and neither does the Vizio). I have had very little luck using a variety of cables and couplers to accomplish this, most of the time I get either signal distortion or volume loss. I was hoping that you could offer some advice or a solution that would involve a receiver, amp, or other hardware that could accomplish what I am attempting.

I have been diagnosed with severe hearing loss in my right ear and soon I will have no hearing on that side at all and as a result I use headphones and gaming headsets for my listening needs, I have no need for speakers. Also, this hearing loss will be permanent so this is a matter of some personal importance to me.

I appreciate any ideas, thoughts, or insight you may have!!
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Sorry to learn of your hearing problems.

Converting stereo to mono can be done in a couple of ways. The first is a simple mixing of the two signals via a resistive mixer. This works for line level signals but does attenuate the signal a little. The problem with this method is that there is interaction between the two channels.


A far better way is to use an opamp and mix the signals at a point called a 'virtual ground' which is at the opamp input. This is a true mixer with no interaction.

This shows the idea in outline. If you used a low power opamp then the circuit could be made to run from two 9 volt batteries and would run for 100's ? of hours from a set (give or take). Its also easy to add gain by simply changing the value of the 10k feedback resistor. Using batteries and the circuit is pretty much complete as it stands and could be built for minimal cost.

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I am looking for some audio equipment that will convert a stereo source signal to mono.

4-channel Headphone Amplifier - Monoprice.com
I think this will work for you, since there's a stereo/mono output switch on the back of the headphone amplifier box.

Turn off the Vizio's internal speaker. Connect the Vizio's RCA audio output sockets to the RCA input sockets
on the headphone amplifier box. Then set the switch on the headphone box to mono. There are 1/4" output jacks,
so you'll probably need a mini jack to 1/4" jack adapter to connect the headphones that you have.
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Thanks for the help!


I appreciate the diagram. So far I have had no luck with purchased equipment, so at some point I might have to try and build something myself. However, I would have no idea where to begin, what wire to buy, what connectors to use, I don't know what resisters are, and if I had to solder something?!?! Oh my...


I have ordered the part you suggested! I just received, tried, and had to return the part found below. It did convert what I needed to mono, but the sound quality was extremely distorted/garbled. I was very disappointed because I thought I had found the right thing...


Rayma - If you're really willing to build me what I need I might take you up on that offer. However my surgery is Tuesday (the one that will cause permanent unilateral hearing loss on the right) so I am focused on that for now.

Once again, I can't thank you enough for all the hel, ideas and advice!!

Jaret B.
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I think the problem with the part you have returned is that its not capable of driving a low impedance load such as headphones... you would need to connect the output of the box to a separate amplifier.

The one Rayma suggests looks OK :up:

Hope all goes well for you on Tuesday :xfingers:.
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