have a speaker design- need crossover- will this work?

I have had an idea... I had some older speakers that sounded good, and I thought I would just turn them into a center channel for my KG's. I have one 6.5" woofer (acted as a sub, but will be woofer here), two 3" midbass- will act as midrange, and two 3/4" tweeters wich will be tweeters. lol Woofers/mid are 4-ohm, but the tweeters are not marked with impedence. Since it is a multimedia set, and all others are 4-ohm, I am assuming these are too. Anyway, I needed a crossover for this system, so, I put this together... based loosely upon what I think, and kind of calculated the original crossover to be.
1st order 6dB x-over
woofer low pass: 250 Hz (2.55 mH-4-ohm)
mid band pass: 250 Hz (79.6 uF-8-ohm)-6000 Hz (.2185 mH-8-ohm)
tweet high pass: 6000 Hz (3.4115 uF-8-ohm)

Would that work? I will be using both 3" midbass as the midrange, so that gives me 8-ohm there, and I will also use both tweets for 8-ohm (as long as the ARE 4-ohm each), and the 4-ohm woofer. Anyone know what impedence this gives me? Did I goof on the values?

Thanks all
Here are the text-book values i get (ie a starting point only).


I'd consider using only 1 of the tweeters.