Have a look at this schematic please

I bought an amp at ebay for a few euros. First listening was quite impressive. After replacing the quite poor elytic input caps by 1 uF Wima MKPs it became a lot better. As it seems to be well made (coming with a heavy toroidal transformer and Toshiba 2SA1943 / 2SC5200) i ask for some tweaking suggestions. I was told that there may be circuit parts for CE compliance that may be omitted, but due to my poor knowledge :xeye: i would like to have someone qualified to look at it.

Hope I´m not boring you with this ...

Thanks so far !

Sorry, just a thought, wrong by the way. R278 (100ohm) acts basically the same as emitter resistor.
I don't see anything around CE stage to be omitted. If one thought about (diamond) buffer between LTP and CE stage-than NO, it must be there, otherwise parameters will degrade tragically.