Haufe ST4574

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Does anybody have some information about the Haufe ST4574 transformer ?

I have several of those (which I found surplus) and they look good (mu-screened, etc.). DC impedance is about 2 x 17 Ohm and 840 Ohm.

A signal applied is amplified 10x approx.

The square wave signal looks different to the one of my Neutrik L1s (Line 1:1) for example.
The Neutrik shows some overshoot ringing, while the Haufe shows no ringing at all, but shapes (smoothes) the square waves somehow.
Frequency response (sinus, via the scope) is pretty linear from 50Hz to 20kHz, the Haufe less than the Neutrik.

Ok, I admit that I do not have much knowledge about audio line lever transformers.

Could I ue this transformers as Mic inputs ? Or MC inputs even ?
( I mean I will try that anyway, but... )

Any ideas or hints ?
you should contact Haufe. I compared the Haufe sitting idle on Manfred Huber's tubbe preamp as MC-input (i meanwhile use the Jensen JT-346AX) but they have a differning number, T890. Sound wonderful as MC-input or dynamic µphone input trannies.

Haufe is quite famous for making very good sounding signal trannies for all sorts of levels in the professional/studio area.

Haufe still exists, contact them and ask them.
INdependently, you should try them out as MC-inut trannie. 1:10 is just fine for that and impedances look like this could work.

The Jensen priamry has 5.73R in 1:4 mode and 0.643R in 1:12 mode; the secondary has 154R DCR.
So i would presume the Haufe trannie is rather usable for MC cartridges with a lil'bit higher source impedance, maybe not try it with an Ortofon MC 1st.
Thank you, Bernhard, for the quick answer. Yes, I contacted Haufe recently, but I did not recieve a message yet.

I will try them as MC inputs soon, but I have to change my naimmod-preamp to MM operation before...

Will a Goldring Elite or a Audio Technica OC9 be a match perhaps ?


ps: Folks, if they will work as MC inputs, I will give some of them away, I have eight of them and I will not use the all. Not for free maybe, but for something useful...
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.