Harmon Kardon Citation TwentyTwo Power Amp


2010-09-12 11:13 pm
Hi Guys,
I'm a solder challenged, audio-electronic know-nothing newbie :eek: but I have a more able friend who is going to help. I have just acquired a HK Citation 22 power amp which does not work ATM. The guy I got it from, who's word I accept without question, said it worked briefly when he fist got it, second hand, a few months ago but it quickly failed. He is not a DIY guy and his seller gave him a full refund but told him to keep the amp. I have made a nominal contribution to his favoured charity, with further contribution to follow if we get it working, and it is now mine :) .
So, question: -
Is anyone out there willing to pitch in with any help regarding fault finding and/or spares or other help (not getting involved with the soldering ;) )? We have got a copy of the original Technical Manual but does anyone know of any other documents that may be of help? Anything, no matter how small, may be of assistance.
Or does anyone (close to Sheffield UK) have another sick Citation 22 going cheap that we may be able to canibalise?
Thanks in anticipation.