Hammer dynamics SUPER 12 , what should I do/

- Hi everyone , I have a Hammer Dynamics SUPER 12 kit that I never got around to building , and what I am wondering is better to sell it as a kit ...Or would it be worth more if I built it - ( and of coarse did a good job on it) ??????? - this is get a bunch of people's opinions -- So everyone chime in Please :)
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I’d concur with Scott on this. FWIW I built a pair for a buddy close to 20yrs ago, and even after some of the very expensive XO upgrades touted at the time, he found them - to be polite- too idiosyncratic sonically. That, and his cats found the large part and styrofoam damping peanuts way to much fun to play with. He followed them with several Fostex designs - FE206ESR in monster horns, and Terry Cain Abbys with both FF165K and FE166. Then they moved to smaller condo, and ultimately found the Abby’s too large, and downsized to a nice little pair of ProAcs.
Thanks guys , I kept watching this last night for hours and no one showed up to say anything - I figured well that's that - LOL -- I appreciate the help - I would build them - they actually sounded great when I heard them demonstated at a show I went to , I just have too much on my plate and too many health issues , I figured that someone could give them a good home -- :)