Halving Power Disssipation

Mosfet power dissipation

Ok I've been thinking about lowering the power dissipation requirements of each mosfet in the ZEN amp I am experimenting with.

Can I double the number of mosfets to halve the PD required of each? If so how do I go about wiring it (in parallel???)? Does it require much circuit modification? Will it have an effect on the sound quality?


Start by looking at the SOA (aka SOAR) chart for your chosen device. Figure out how much current it can stand, and still be within safe dissipation limits. If it's going to cook the device, there's no point in going further. I've got a handful of MOSFETs that I was going to throw together a Zen with last fall. No go. I looked at paralleling devices. Still no go. Whether it will work for you remains to be seen.
All other factors being held equal, yes you can use multiple devices and cut Pd. Parallel would be the ticket. Once you go that route, you'd better match devices.
As for the effect on sound quality, there are about 399 variables that come into play. Which would predominate? Try it and see.