Halogen torchiere to LED conversion


2010-02-12 4:09 pm
I have a few burnt out halogen torchieres. You know the kind that you can use to bake bread when you try to read the instructions on the flour ... yea 500 watt consumption 12 candela light, $25 a bulb and works 3 months ... that kind.

OK so I have been putting led's in vintage receivers, many of which are AC. So I have a collection of LED's

The idea I had was to pull the leads off going to the bulb, getting a circuit board with like 30 or so 3.3vf 20 ma LED's, and a 1k resistor - paralleled 4-5 times till I blind every one ...this way I get to use the original dimmer etc etc.

Could this work.
I recently put 3 led's in a sansui T 80 tuner, a 20v ac circuit, and I got it to work well and not burn anything in the process - more complicated than anything I have done, cos I had to turn them sideways cos LED's are directional ...and the bulb was facing forward with the numbered scale to its side. So I have fiddled enough with LED's in AC to know these led's will stand up just fine.

Thanks guys.