Half-bridge controller Spicemodels


My aim is to build an offline ZVS halfbridge 750W smps with +/- 75 V output, fixed frequency (50-75 kHz), fixed duty cycle, unregulated and with only (a lot of) capacitance on the output rail and with a zenerclamp to drain anything more than 80V on both rails. It has to be a VERY simple circuit, so I can fool around a little with the basics and see how it behaves with different parameter-values. Eventually I want to use it for a ZAPpulse class d amp.

I use LTSpice for simulation, which is fun to work with and it is free. It's also specially designed for simulating high frequency switching circuits. Up till now I used basic signal source components to drive the mosfets, but, as I am approaching the stage of actually thinking of building the thing, I would like to do some simulations with a real controller, before I deep into transformer characteristics and -calculations.

Now I have two problems:
1. What controller should I use for this application? I googled a lot and found many controllers, but there's a lot of them and I cannot judge which one is the best.
2. How can I get the spice model for such a controller? Linear Technology does not seem to have the right controller, at least not in their library.

If anyone could give some advice, I would be very grateful.


PS: When I get to actually building it, I intend to use my 1000VA +/- 80V toroid as "mains" AC, first testmodel will use 1 secundary, giving 80V AC; next test will be 2 secondaries = 160V AC and finally, if all goes well and I understand the operation of the PS, I will, very cautiously, try real mains.