Hacking a dsp audio processor.

Hello friends,

The other day i got a sony HCD FLX9W 5DISC/2 CASSETTE changer which also have 5.1 channel (60w*5 + 100w rms - 3*stk) home theater amp. I bought it from junkyard shop at cheep rate,thinking that i can harness the amplifier, but turned out that, it all working ,except the dvd loader motor is not working. And i dont have any pland to fix it either.
For now i am using the digital in to drive my yamaha speakers. And since sony have provided the entire service manual, i think i may try something else.

Since the dsp audio processor is pretty good, i was planning to cut out the entire dvd section input from it and feed any other dsp signal ( probably 6 channel dsp signal) to the processor. That will give me a seperate option to input some external digital signal to the ,otherwise non working dvd section selection.

I have done similar hacks before too, but all of them are feed to anloge lines( into the next anloge line outs of dsp chip) but that will avoid all dsp processing in that case. Since i love to include that too into this project, i need to know more about the dsp signal .

Btw, i dont have much faith in the working of this... but still i want to give a try.

So, does anyone know more about this dsp input signals, like timing variation,processing algorithm or anything like that? My plan is to feed a digital audio signal ( which is given to the dsp chip of the similar device)from standalone DVD's or even from some usb soundcard or similar.

I can trace out the signal lines, and other stuffs which may require, but all i need to know is , does these digital lines vary for every equipment, or just its some universal type like toslink lines or even analoge audio lines??

Any idea or suggestions are welcome.
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