H Frame Subwoofer?

I am wanting to use this http://www.parts-express.com/grs-12sw-4-12-poly-cone-subwoofer-4-ohm--292-484 driver in a H frame with two drivers per side. My thought was to use a frame size of 14" by 14" and 26" in height. I plan to drive them with a pro sound amp (probably Crown xti1002) which could put out about 275 watts per pair of drivers into 8 ohms. I could use the amps crossover and PEQ to low pass them at about 100hz and then give them 6db of boost around 35hz. My questions are should one of the drivers face forward in the H frame and the other face the rear? Should I wire the in phase with each other or out of phase? Does anyone have a better suggestion for the enclosure to use these in (W frame, U frame, etc.). I am not looking for sub-terrainean bass, just want to nicely fill out the low end. If this plan gets the nod then i would likely use these as stands for a pair of bookshelf speakers. Thanks for any input you can offer.


2013-02-12 12:21 pm
You have probably read this and other info regarding H-Frames. Your H-Frame measurements should be sufficient for your woofers, though I would maybe go a couple of inches more on depth, leving width and height the same. Those woofers might be a good alternative for such a design. Yes, one woofer facing forward and one backwards in the same frame is the way to go. If not mistaken one will have to be wired inverted.
guangui and BeauB thank you for the links. I have looked into all of them and there is a lot of very useful information. The SL website with his dual 12" design is very similar to what I had in mind. With using a pro sound amplifier like had planned with all of its DSP and crossover functions this should workout well. I'll have to report back with some photos and impressions once it's completed.

If anyone has any other information or tips, there always welcome.