Guess this failure

Do you suspect the failure was due to:

  • Fuse fatigue

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  • A shorted electrolytic capacitor

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  • An open-circuited inductor

    Votes: 1 16.7%
  • A bad solder joint

    Votes: 2 33.3%
  • Other

    Votes: 3 50.0%

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Yeah, there's usually one LED with a black spot on it. Just for interest's sake I've bridge the burned out LED in the string on one of these, but the lamp doesn't seem to last much longer in my experience. I guess it depends how many LED's are in the string to share the additional current. Strangely, you can buy the same brightness of LED bulb from the same manufacturer but a few months apart and there might be 9 LED's or 15 on the MCPCB. I assume those with more might survive a 'bypass operation' better than those with fewer. I guess the less established manufacturers might shop around different factories.
For a time, the dollar store sold "Sunbeam" LED lamps very cheap, possibly subsidized. They are more reliable than LEDs from Ikea. I bought shares in Cree when they started making LED lamps but that has not turned out well. The Sunbeam are just a rectifier and linear regulator and the LEDs, no capacitors. Which made them dimmable. Ironically, LEDs and CFLs that use inverters are expensive and generally not dimmable. This also means that you cannot use them with a TRIAC based photo switch for yard lights. Here in the US (vs Canada), there are only streetlamps where the HOA requests them, so people leave yards lights on at night, especially now that we have low power LEDs instead of incandescent. I have kitchen LED pot-lights that use 60Hz power transformers that have a slight ~hum. 😕 So I recommend simple and cheap, much the same as audio, no Rube Goldberg designs please.
Similarly I just took one apart that had 9 LED's, and we run 240v here, so I'm assuming the MCPCB runs on about 30v. It was a dud and only lasted a few weeks, with the switching PSU PCB turning very black indicating high heat. As I alluded to above, I bought a new one of the same brand which has 15 LED's for the same output and colour temperature. Yet again, I opened up the same brand months ago and that one had something like 20 + LED's. Being a cheap chinese brand OEM'd for a local hardware chain, I assume they have a number of suppliers under that brand hence the variation.

(The reason I know about the new one having 15 LED's is that I have to remove the plastic dome 'bulb' for it to fit into the cramped light fitting it's in, the enclosed volume not helping thermal issues).
Bought RGB / white light bulbs at dollar store.

fun came with remote.
can be white or change colors.
has few color change sequences built in.

both died in 3 or 4 days.

Switch turd or whatever power supply dies in base.

cut it open and applied power to board.
leds are fine remote works fine.
power supply is garbage.