Guess the album title

I got his idea perusing an audio only forum. I thought I'd try it out here. (If anyone wants the link to either the forum or the thread, I'll post it). Please excuse me if this has already been done. I've simplified the rules by more than half.


1. The idea is to guess an album cover by posting cropped images or clips from that cover, only one cover at a time
2. If your entry is too challenging, you can post another section of your cover or give out clues, such as year, genre, whatever,...
3. Once somebody has guessed the cover correctly he/she has to put up a new puzzle (or pass it on to someone else)
4. If you have guessed correctly but don´t want to post a new puzzle let someone else can take your place
5. If a player doesn't take his/her turn within 30 minutes it´s up for grabs , i.e. anyone can post (but again one at a time,please )
I'll start with this entry, good luck:


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Nope :) an M (the album name that is). It might be a hard one so I'll give you one more hint. It's a danish band but it has lately gotten some attention in the states so it should be possible to find it. It's also the latest of the albums they've released.

I had a hunch, and was correct. I had not listened I this album yet, but I have heard of the band before. I didn't just google search to figure it out this time :D

Not saying who it is though. I don't want to be the only one playing ;)