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Group Buy for Curve-Tracer-Matched 2SK3497 / 2SJ618 quads at 55°C

To the subscribers above, please send me a PM with the following details :

DIYA Nickname
Real Name
Postal address
Email address
PP address (if different)

I will then contact you by email for payment details.

It may take a week or two for all info to come in.

Thank you for your patience.

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Someone asked about the chances of these breaking, and of getting them in the future.
He apparently likes them very much in the M2OPS. :)

When used properly, they operate well under the maximum rating, and should have no reliability problems.
But of course it depends on using them properly.
I have killed a pair of unobtainium K1530/J201 myself because I didn't tighten the screws to the heatsink properly.
Silly mistake, happens easily.

We don't have infinite stock, as they are so popular.
So we shall from now on restrict subscriptions to one quad per person.
People who have not subscribed before will be given priority.
The GB is here for DIY builders, not speculants.

When we go below a certain stock level, we shall stop further subscriptions.
This remaining stock will allow us to respond anytime should people try to resell them here for profit.

Thank you for your interest,
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The 6 packages have been mailed today (11/6/2024) by Registered Air Mail. The tracking numbers are as follows:-

1. Giallograle -- RO003977311HK
2. danny_66 -- RO003977325HK
3. DIYHarry -- LK774386594HK
4. Peterpaan89 -- RO003977339HK
5. Uptownsquash -- RO003977356HK
6. birdbox -- RO003977387HK

Hope they all arrive safely,

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