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Group buy: alexw88 PA150, BPA300 project together with DRV134 pcb

hey P-A, not looking too bad, i make the total about 52 for pa150 boards so far.

i know its early, but could you post a rough total to me, prefer gbp(£) just in case my adding is wrong, i only need to know so i can put some money aside before i spend it all over christmass!!
thanks, steve.
just a quick call out to those from the uk, i was wondering if we wanted to combine our orders for shipping? i have done this before and it usually saves a few quid, although it does add a few days to delivery time.

for those who haven't done this before, one person is designated in the uk and they receive all the items, they then repack the individual orders and post on to the others.
when i did this before, i only paid for actual post cost in the uk, not with any packing cost (im sure we all have boxes and tape lying around) uk post was around £4 but it knocked about £12 off the £29 international postage.

at the moment i can see myself, robocow, revoxo, and ianpengelly from the uk. if it was just myself and robocow the calculations are easier as we want 4,4,2,2. its still not to bad with revoxo as you want 6,6,3,3. so the price calculation for a combined order is still simple, unfortunately for ianpengelly you just want 4 pa150 boards, which makes the calculations a bit awkward, but not impossible.

any thoughts from those in the uk?

and to P-A, would this be ok with you? and if ok would it be ok to ask for the individual orders to be bagged and labeled?

cheers, steve.
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