Greetings from WA


2008-02-13 9:12 pm
I'm new to these forums. So here is a little about myself for the purpose of introduction.

I grew up in California, and I've always had a thing for audio and electronics. I did some live sound reinforcement in high school, more live sound in community college where I added some theatrical lighting, digital video, radio, and my first exposure to pro tools.
From there I went to American University in Washington D.C. where I got a BS in Audio Technology. The program focused primarily on studio recording.
I now reside in the state of Washington, working as a stagehand in the Seattle area. I like to take apart electronic toys, and do some circuit bending. I also do a non-electronic things like building miniature war gaming scenery. One recent project that I'm particularly proud of is my DIY speaker microphone, or "SPKR MiK" that I've written up as an Instructable

Thanks for reading. :)