Greetings from Seattle, WA......

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I've been lurking on this forum for a while now, and posting in a very limited manor. I figured I should go ahead and post an introduction to let people know who I am.

I'm a Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Washington. I love computers, audio, biking, and any number of other things. I've got plenty of experience in car audio, woodworking, and other forms of fabrication (such as composite materials and machining).

I just finished up my first pair of "Hi-Fi" speakers today. I built them based off of a design from Adire Audio. It's called "Bang!" as in bang for buck. I decided to test the waters with a cheap speaker (~$100) that promised good results. It uses two 6.5" woofers and a 1" dome tweeter per speaker. They're in a standard BR box (which I'm more than comfortable with from my subwoofer experience) tuned to 42Hz.

My amp is a snubberized LM3875 kit sourced from Brian. I built the case myself using 1/2" aluminum for the sides and .065" and .1" for the top and bottom. The piece of wood behind the speakers is going to be used on the sides of the amp, I just haven't had time to go use the woodshops planer and saws yet.

Right now the speakers and amp are getting some burn in time, but are sounding great so far.

Comments, questions, and yes, even constructive criticisms are welcome. (the paint job isn't perfect, but the speakers are bound to do some traveling, so I didn't waste too much time making them perfect).


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Waves at you from Auburn, WA

I'm not much into speaker projects, other than to repair
whatever bargains fall my way. I mostly do electronics,
especially amplifiers, and this is my play space. I've also gotten
a couple of Brian Bell's chip amp projects and a prototype of
his Leach amp, all of which are waiting for me to figure out
how to build nice-looking chassis for them. I salvaged a pair
of Acoustic Research AR-11's which are my main speakers; I
may someday build a MTM speaker design. I'm always interested
in seeing what others are doing, but know virtually no other
DIYers in the Puget Sound area.
Hey Damon, there are DIYers in the area, but a lot of them are old school and don't really get on the net. I ran into one such individual at a pond-warming party at my girlfriend's old neighbor's house of all places. He's running a nice set of Fostex drivers and a very low component count tube amp (no feedback). I built my own chassis for my amp since I couldn't find anything good for cheap. I'm actually building a power filter this weekend since the rental house I'm in has terrible wiring and old appliances (snap, crackle, pop). Anyhow, feel free to PM me if you'd like to talk more about my setup or fabrication.
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