Greetings from Oz!


2002-03-08 7:21 am
Hi. I guess I may as well introduce myself.
My name's Michael, and I'm from Melbourne, VIC (that's in Australia). I'm currently studying an engineering/computer science double degree at RMIT (in my 3rd year). I absolutely adore classical music, as well as rock music (real rock music, not the crud being churned out today).
I've only recently taken a massive interest in DIY and Hi-Fi in general, and have learnt heaps from sources such as these forums. My passion is audio integrity, but I guess that'll also be my crux, as most of the projects I want to attempt (and then mod) are such that I doubt I'll go beyond the "fantasise about it" stage.
I'm sure once I graduate and get a job I'll be able to indulge myself fully. In the meantime, I'm sure I'll have heaps of fun with the kits in my budget (step one: make my PC sound good ...).
South Oz is the place to be;
The festival State is...
Home of the best wines, best food, best restaurants, best car manufacturers - Holden & Mitsubishi and home of the best hi end speakers - Duntech, Sonique, Krix, Vaf, not to mention the best climate and lifestyle... So There! Learn from us...