Greetings from N.C.

Hi long-time lurker on this site, first time poster. Sorry this first post will be long. As I get older I am trying to learn new things. I figured the one thing most outside the realm of possibility for me would be the one to try, building something electronic. Before this I had never really touched a soldering iron with serious intent. I've been involved in international broadcasting for many years and love to listen to music and have been interested in owning a tube amp. I was turned off by the cheap tube amps I saw on the web and can't afford those put out by Cary Audio, McIntosh, etc. So started thinking about how great it might be to learn more about electronics and with help from a friend of mine who knows what they are doing, put a basic tube amp together. My friend's hobby is building electronic kits and together with his son, a pilot, even built an airplane, yes a real airplane. He offered to mentor me in the process. After looking through the different options, I decided to go with Pete Millett's DCPP. If I had known then what I know now I probably would have chosen something a bit more simple. But it has been a learning experience! I will post some pictures on the DCPP thread in the near future.