Greetings from Italy


2008-02-10 11:10 pm
Hello guys (and gals?). Here I am, writing in English to introduce myself to the forum. And since my English is much far from perfection, it's not the best place I could wish to start from, but that's the way it goes...

I'm Italian, I was born December 6, 1959 and in my teenage days I was quite an HI-FI geek, spending hours reading newspapers, lurking around my favourite store and dreaming about devices I couldn't afford. Then I began to work and spent all my money putting together my long-awaited first HI-FI system. After reaching my goal, my interest began to fade: I guess I was just looking for the best way to play the music I loved, and from then on I focused on that.

I spent years working in recording studios, as engineer and musician, and I've experienced the migration from analog to digital technology, from actually cutting and splicing magnetic tapes to editing on a digital workstation. I believe that both technologies have their drawbacks and their strong points, and the best way to check them is to use your ears and COMPARE.

I hope I'll find some help here: I'm trying to get rid of a noise that affects my Thorens TD 160. I guess something's wrong with the motor, but I don't want to get OT... I'll post in the right place.

A big CIAO to you all.