Greetings from Concord, NH

I'm a long-time computer geek, hardware and software, who also dabbles in analog and digital design on the side, mostly one-off control circuits, stuff for pipe organs, crossovers and amps for audio. I collect antique German radios (occasionally even finding the time to fix one up now and again) and test equipment.

I started off with DQ-10s in the early '80s and eventually wound up with the Snell Type A's I have now. System now is the Type A's powered by MC-modified Hafler DH200 (with another sitting in reserve waiting for bi-amp use), Apt/Holman preamp, Dual and Thorens TD-165C tables, Nakamichi cassette, Sony ES-series CD player and DAT, and lots of other things that I keep around to use now and again. Not great stuff but certainly good enough for what I need.

My love of organ music drives me to build subwoofers that go down to 16 Hz or better. My current one doesn't pass the "spousal approval test" and so is not in use (though it sounds amazing!), but I'm working with a friend on designing a new one suitable for our new house. I'll let you know how it goes!! :)

Vernon Miller