Greetings from Atlanta


2008-01-27 10:20 pm
Hello to all at DIY Audio....what a great site!

My father ( 75 years old and just retired!) wants to build a speaker cabinet for me. He loves wood working.

I own the Audio Nirvana Super 8 Cast frame drivers which are sitting in boxes now.

I would love your suggestions for a project that:

1 - would be reasonably easy for an intermediate wood crafter
2 - work well with a 300B set amp & 15' x 20' room 10' ceiling.
3 - produce some bass

Thanking about the BIB ( but I don't really have corners), 1/2 Chang and RCA-Fan Karlson.

Much thanks,

Hi Mark - Good to see another Southerner joining the club - Welcome to diyAudio! GM is a very helpful and knowledgeable member from your neck of the woods and might provide some advice for your dad and yourself. There are lots of BIB builders running around here, and plenty of Chang and 1/2 Chang builders as well - so getting some advice shouldn't be much of a problem. Checkout Plant10's web site for some good ideas and drawings. (community sites, ........ commercial site planet10-HiFi)

Also see for some projects. :cheers:
Hi Mark - Newbies usually have limited ability to email others until they have a) been around for awhile (couple of months or so) and b) have posted comments (that aren't censored, banned, nuked, or sent to "Texas") to a few threads and gives the moderators a chance to get a bit of a feel for you. Your best bet might well be to post to one of the threads that GM is on and see if he will email you via the forum or get in contact with you via some other means. If I can be of service don't be shy - I'll be glad to help out where I can.:cheers:


2008-01-27 10:20 pm
Greetings All,

Exploring DIYAudio for the last few weeks has been fun.

Could someone suggest a book or website that could help me understand the basic concepts of speaker design? Learing the fundamentals would be great. I am not a engineer or physics major .... so the simpler the better.

Chomping at the bit to get started with a project using the Audio Nirvana Super 8" 's I have laying around but I'm afraid I don't have a clue how to:)


Mark in Atlanta