Great fidelity - Jackie Leven

Has anyone heard of Jackie Leven? Check out the CD "Forbidden Songs of The Dying West" Cook CD090 Bar code 7 1159710902 3

The first song is sooooo goooood. The vocals of Avril Jamieson is like (my association) a very beautiful woman who has newly taken a shower in the morning, mint, blue sky, summer, out in the cottage deep in the woods. It's freshness simply.

The first song "Young Male Suicide Blessed By Invisible Woman" is really a new creation. The sound quality is superb and my electrostatic speaker (Martin Logan SL3) are doing the CD justice.

Jackie Leven has done lot's of albums but this is the best. The other, newer ones are a little bit uneven. All of his recordnings have very high audio quality.

The music style is a mixture of folk, pop and a little bit country.

Anyone who knows about Avril Jamieson? Has she done anything of her own?


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