Great company


2012-10-26 7:49 pm
I ordered some screws, nuts and washers from I didn't get them so used USPS tracking and found the USPS had received them, then no change in tracking for over a week.

I contacted USPS and they were no help. Albanycountyfasteners contacted them and got no useful info.

They called me and said they would ship a duplicate order no charge and free shipping. I told them I needed 3 more 25 pc packs of screws.

They sent a duplicate of the original order plus the additional screws all for free including USPS priority mail. Everything arrived within two days.

I don't think I've ever dealt with a more responsive company.
Thanks for the advice, but I think your URL is a bit off, as the page didn't come up. I did find a website for fasteners at Albany County Fasteners | Official Store | Stainless Steel Fasteners & More, is this the one?

Thanks for the post! I always have a heck of a hard time finding fastners...I usually end up on Amazon when the local ACE Hardware fails, but even then I have a time. Zoro Tools is a pretty good source, but still limited compared to what you posted here.