Gratis spice component base - any interest?

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I have often found it necessary to create my own components for a spice program and I can imagine I am not the only one. It's why I have tried to find sites with free / gratis components, but do seldom find any.

Would you be interested in helping developing a site where anyone share there spice components?
Would you be interested in sharing your own components?

I have the space and speed to host such a site but not the knowledge to develope such a base myself.
The -- has standard and not-so --standard models -- diodes a la: As well, interesting models for some of the less obvious components used in audio like neon bulbs, incandescent lamps, gas voltage regulator tubes...

Like you, I have had to create models or make behavioral "analogs" of encrypted models (like the now, discontinued LM3886, LM4702), opto-couplers used as MOSFET gate drivers, frequency dependent components. While I am happy to share, these models are crude compared to those contributed by folks to the LTWIKI

One of the most useful database for audio, ham radio is the I would imagine that at some point they may include the models which have been developed for DIYAUDIO. Pocnet is reflected by a few individuals.
Thanks for your reply and links:) My idea was to make a base for components to every spice variant out there, LTSpice, KiCad, Pspice and so on. I do not think it does matter how great a model is, if it's the only model out there and every person can just correct it and upload it again. The base could be a sort of everyone contribute as best they can and what they have.
Hi and thanks a lot! :)
I am thinking about if a complete site with components, schematics from whatever, link on where to get that strange component you have never been able to find, also possibility to ask if anyone has a specific item and what people think could be great to have.

Your 2GB archive sounds fantastic, Is there any chance for me to get a copy for personal usage?

Hello FriedMule.
I put my web page on the Wiki site. I kindly offered to make it a website moderator.
For LTspice users. Libraries of models, examples, etc
Also I have a lot of spice models of about 2GB (packed as 1GB).
Talk to me.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.