graphical data analysis software


2003-02-17 7:38 pm
excel? - not good for really big data sets but can do most analysis - vba scripts/macros can massage text files without too much pain - vba is included in word/excel

OpenOffice is free, StarOffice is really cheap and they have an excel work-alike spreadsheet program

SciLab is a free MatLab compatable tool - the help shows lots of file i/o functions but I haven't got beyond running the demos yet

I use MathCad at work (because they had it when i got there and it was easier to keep upgrading it) expensive and not easy to learn but very good for general/advanced math, data display ok but not the best
bocka said:
Does anyboy know a reasonable data analysis software with a good (ASCII) import filter? Software must run under Windows and should be easy to use (i. e. not GNUPLOT)

Assuming you want to analyse audio-related data in ascii tables, one (unusual) option is to download the Audio Precision software. It will run in demo mode without the hardware, but you can use all functions and import an ascii file to make the plots.

Jan Didden