Grace 727 specs needed

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Hello all,

I'm wondering if anyone could provide me with the specs for a Grace 727 tonearm that I would like to mount up in my turntable. I would like all the specs for reference, but ultimately all I really need right now is the arm pivot to platter spindle distance.

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Re: Saying Grace...


Nice to see you posting instead of just lurking :)

It is good to see fdgrove confirm the general rememberances of the local Victoria crowd.

For the benefit's of other forum members: the 727 is a 707 with a removable headshell (unique to the 727) and like the 707 the headshell geometry doesn't quite jive with the Braerwald (sp?) alignment as exemplified by the Dennesson protractor*. The cartridge has to be pulled forward (IIRC) and certainly twisted a bit wrt the headshell slots.

* i understand someone is finally releasing a new protrator based on the Dennesson. Anyone know anything about it?

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The Dennesson was similar in layout to this Claeraudio one and when we started using it in the late '70s it was amazing how much better the TTs sounded. It was also amazing how few arms of the day had correct geometry. Sometimes you would have to get a file out and tweak the mounting slots on the head to get a proper alignment. Mine dissappeared during my hifi hiatus and i'd love to get a replacement -- the local hifi store will set up a TT for free, but it would beat the h*** out of having to haul the TT down there.

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Hi again Dave,

Although I am familiar with the Deneson protactor as such and I've got a couple of files I culled in from the web, (I can post or mail you)I was under the impression you were referring to something even more refined/precise than the Deneson.

Oh,yes,some arms were definitely off the mark,no matter what you tried.
So let me know what it is you may want.


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Hi Dave,

Glad to see they made it to your door.

Maybe Bernhard has an even bigger collection of these.
I sort of lost interest in them since I've been using tangential arms and legs for the past 15 years or so.
Don't know if those protractors are any good,so folks take 'em at face value please.

Dave and Frank,

thanxalot for the dowloadable! :)

i used the Schön template for years.
I have ceased to do so, it has zero radii quite different to the Baerwald/Löfgren Geometry.

For my SME V, i use the SME V template, just for convenience.

Lately i attended a demonstration by Wally Malewicz where he demoed his protractor and other tools.

His protractor and other tools are thought-through and i highly recommend them. In fact, i intend to replace my SME V template by a Wallytractor for the SME V and i also consider to have a Wallytractor made for the 12" unipivot i am planning.

I also consider to order a linear tracker Wallytractor for inspiration (or ask Wally how he makes them) to have my own template made. Under construction.

The Wallytractor uses an acrylic mirror as base material into which the arcs and lines are precision-scratched. It is not a surface mirror, so you see scratch and cantilever and bottom reflex of both and you can judge if you are looking parallaxe-free from the right direction. Together with a magnifier, the Wallytractor is the only template i know allowing to adjust by cantilever orientation and to ignore how tilted the MC generator is mounted into the housing and how warped or sphere-shaped th cartridge housing is.

I will see that i manouver Wally to our forum.

Denneson protractor:
i never saw a complete one. If you folks provide me with pixes and geometry and construction of it, i can talk my friend Peter into manufacturing a few units at reasonable money.

Stadthaus-template: works basically as the Wallytractor but covers all tonearm lengthes in steps of 5-15mm effective length at the expense of considerably reduced precision. Moreover, this template is made from white ABS or vinyl, not from an acrylic mirror. Maybe recommended for $10 as a basic multipurpose tool, out of question for $150, ridiculous to compare it with the Wallytractor (and to snort at it as Heinz Stadthaus seems to do it :snooty: ).

if you want to stick with the Grace arm, the money for a Grace727 Wallytractor is well spent.
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Don't you all hate these cartrdiges with rounded housing?
You're always sent into the 54th dimension with those.
What I found useful is a small mirror and a jewelers magnifying glass and a good light source with no reflecting light coming in sideways.
(Evening or night with just the living room lit full power)
That always helped me to get the stylus at the right angle.
For getting VTA right it's no good though,always have to do that by ear.
Here's where you need an adjustable tonearmbase that doesn't compromise rigidity too much in the process.
It ain't easy!
Linear tracking arm have a lot of headstart here,I always felt the template I got with the Air Tangents to be very accurate.
It was a mirror surfaced rectangle with a hole in the centre at one end for slipping over the spindle,from the centre of that cutout you then had a straight line printed on the surface.
Pretty straightforward.
With most radial arms you were pretty much in the dark unless the manufacturer provided you with one especially made for their tonearm.

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