Gorogoro SoundSystem


2008-03-07 6:25 pm
Hello DIY Audio enthusiasts!

I'm Miguel from Lisbon, Portugal! I'm 29 years old and I live my live as a Game programmer.

This is my actual system:

- Tivoli-Audio One
- Project 1Expression
- Marantz CD-72SE MKI
- PowerBook Pro + Airport Express

- Meixing Ming-Da MC767
- Rega Cursa
- Rega Maia
- Rega EL8

I've not made anything in audio yet. I've made some DIY stuff while in school.

Now I'm looking for a solution to a problem I've just faced! I buy recently the maixing phono stage. But when I connect it to the system, I've noticed that I was a very poor bass and a subtle distortion in the sound. After inquirer some "experts" they said to me that the output impedance of the meixing is not compatible with the input impedance of the Rega pré amp :bawling:.

Meixing output impedance -> 100K
Cursa Input Impedance -> 10K

Now I'm going to search this forum looking for a DIY solution. I think I have to read a lot before posting!

So Best regards you all!:)