Goodmans Magnum project

I posted on here a couple of years ago about a pair of Goodmans Magnum SL's that were at my parents house but that I would be bringing home to Cumbria when I could. I explained how I had butchered these a bit in the
1980's after the mid ranges and tweeters blew. I replaced these with KEF B110's and proprietory tweeters. Neither of these was suited to the system but as the speakers were only used for parties, it didn't really matter. Unfortunately, I had to do some mods to the baffles to accomodate the new drive units

However, I now have the speakers at home and am deciding what to do with them. I have put the B110's on Ebay and chucked the tweeters. The bass units are fine. My original idea was to rebuild them as original, but this would require me to get hold of pairs of the original drivers and I have not seen any for sale recently. Another problem here is that the baffle mods mentioned previously will most likely mean having to replace the baffles. Another option would be to sell the Bass drivers.

However, another possibility has occured to me and that is to convert them to bass only enclosures on top of which would sit my current Mission 780 speakers. The baffles would have to be replaced or the apertures for the removed drive units blanked. The cabinet would be braced internally and more modern acoustic deadening used. In addition, the original crossover would be replaced by an adjustable crossover/filter to enable better integration with my current units. The externals would also be fully restored This way I get to still use the old friends but in a new capacity.

Any recommendations on the route to go would be greatly appreciated.
Hi Dave

Just to say that I'm using a pair of Magnums as bass only speakers at the moment and have plans to build 2 new bass speakers, each using 4 of the Magnum bass drivers (you know me!). I will be buying some more Magnums for the bass units but will have no need for the other units. I'm not sure on my timing for this as I'm currently building some new full-range speakers (4 Bandor units, blah, blah) to go with them and this may take a while.

I might be talked into letting you have the mids and tweeters on my current pair of Magnums and plugging up the holes, or swapping my cabinets for your messed up ones, if you blocked off the holes. I assume my units are fine but don't know for sure as I'm cutting them off above 150Hz.

Anyway, thought I'd make contact on this.

Best regards

PS: Now living in North Finchley
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