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Where on the internet can I buy electronic parts, especially semiconductors, from Toshiba, Sanken, Hitachi, International Rectifier, etc? I usually buy all my parts from Allied Electronics at , but they don't stalk Toshiba, Sanken and several Hitachi parts (i.e., I can't get 2SA1302/2SC3281, 2SJ162/2SK1058, 2SJ49/2SK134, and countless other necessary (and supposedly easy-to-find) goodies from them). All the other places I have found either have even less power semiconductors than Allied, or only sell to other companies and/or in large quantities.

There is absolutely no electronics suppliers in the town where I live (a huge, thriving metropolis of barely 1,000 people, I'm probably the only one in town that knows what a MOSFET is. Well, there was a crazy old repair man (and he was a Pink Floyd fan, of all the strange things) that lived next door to me for a year or so, and he didn't teach me a thing, though he tried. He hadn't worked with audio in so long that I think he forgot how audio amps actually work. He and I came up with some designs for my 7200W amp that were so far fetched you'd laugh out loud if you saw the schematics! In those days, I didn't know what I was doing, and he didn't know the difference anyway. Eventually, his daughter moved in with some wellfare trash down the street, his grandchildren were taken by the wellfare system, and he and his wife left in their motorhome to tour around the country putting up satellite dishes, and they owed local businesses several hundred dollars when they left, which, of course, they never paid.), and the only places within a 100 mile radius of me that sell parts are RadioShack and a few NTE distributors (NTE parts are rediculously expensive!).

So, it is harder for me than most to find parts, and the internet is my only place to get them, so I would like to know about any wonderful sites where I can get parts from nearly all major manufacturers for a reasonable price.

Thank you.
Mouser seems to have it all, but over $3 for the 2SC3281/2SA1302. Ouch! I've seen those for well under $2, but I could only get them 25 at a time from there. Digikey doesn't have the 2SC3281/2SA1302 or much else, but thanks anyway.

Apex JR is pretty good for power supply parts, but I'm after new parts for the most part. Thanks.
It's probably about like the IRFP240 digi key sells it for $4.01 , but its sells in quantities of 575 for $1.08. Building amps would be cheap at the quantity prices. I requested Engineering samples of the IRFP240 from Fairchild Semiconductor for my amp, but I don't know if they will really send them. I have had success with texas instruments (Burr Brown) on a ADC before.
Allied sells the IRFP240 for $3.10 each from Fairchild Semiconductor and $3.79 from International Rectifier, but that's a MOSFET, much more expensive than a BJT. However, Mouser's 2SC3281/2SA1302 transistors, though pricy, are still much cheaper than the NTE equivalents I can get from Allied. I am convinced that the transistors are available for less than Mouser sells them, unless TO-3P devices are more expensive than TO-3 ones. Is that the case?
<a href="">Audio Lab of Georgia</a>
3611 Clearview Place
Doraville, Ga, 30340 USA
770 455 0571
770 458-5727 fax

They have a very good range of Japanese tranistors, their prices though are average.

they list all the transistors you posted.
2SA1302/2SC3281- - -$3.80/2.95
2SJ162/2SK1058- - - -$10.00/8.95
2SJ49/2SK134- - - - - -$15.00/18.00

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