Good, free Internet Streaming sources.

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Currently, I like the Jazz Groove and even donated during their recent fund drive.

As I grew up in the 60 - 70's I'd like to find a similar "free" non-jazz streaming source of popular music from this era.

I recently hit upon such a station, but they are an FM broadcaster and clearly their internet stream is just a pipe of their highly COMPRESSED FM broadcast. So Too Bad - The music mix is fantastic IMHO

Anyone know of such a station? There's Radio Paradise of course with their FLAC streams, but unfortunately I cant stand any of their mixes and have to quit them in ~15 minutes...

Unlike the Jazz Groove, where I could easily listen all day long - or until I'm simply tired of Jazz / listening to music.

Thanks for any help with this!
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Years ago, while driving from Lisboa to Porto in Portugal, I found the Smooth Jazz station. No commercials and remarkably, uninterrupted coverage throughout the trip. That means they have more than one transmitter broadcasting the same material, as the distance between those two cities is longer than the regular FM station coverage range. They also stream over the Internet an the web page shows other musical styles available.

Thanks guys. What I meant to say is I have the Jazz pretty well covered, but am looking for 70's -ish classic radio station.

RetroRadioCalifornia (Retro Radio California) is the one with the clear compression. I guess they're a global internet radio station - not an FM broadcaster with a stream on the side. Why they compress like that is beyond me...

I'll look into the suggestions. Appreciate it!
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Always lots to explore on icecast. The quality is variable from one to the next but there's so much selection.

One good way to explore icecast is to install Clementine media player and use it to load the icecast directory. Then find the genre you are looking for and load all those streams into the play list, then sort by bitrate to find higher quality streams. In the example, there is no really high bitrate stuff but often enough you'll find 256k or 320k which is at least "decent". Note: even 192k AAC+ can be pretty good.


Whether you like the music playlist/mix can only be determined by trying them.

If/when you do find one you like, and you want to play the stream through something other than Clementine, you can go to Streaming directory -- streams & radios and type the name of the "station" in to find the direct stream link. For example:


You can right-click that M3U link and copy the url, then paste it into whatever media server or application that you use to stream audio into your hi-fi system. Usually there is an option to add your own internet radio streams. Good luck!


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I just last summer put an amp & speakers in my TV room because the sound was so bad on the Samsung TV. I realized this winter it is only 15' from the PC, so a 1/8" stereo phone cable from farnell, & I can put the headphones attached to the PC away.
Low commerical content classical music is the The Classical Station | On WCPE 89.7 FM in Central North Carolina, W202BQ 88.3 Aberdeen, WZPE Bath 90.1, WBUX Buxton 90.5, W237CM Fayetteville 95.3, W205CA Foxfire 88.9, WURI Manteo 90.9, and W210BS New Bern 89.9, North Carolina. In Virginia on W292D
Much better than the 4 commercial breaks an hour on my local FM classical station that is a WFMT affiliate. they can't even play whole symphonies, just bits & pieces.
All pop music eras is music of your life Music of Your Life
6-8 national commercials an hour but very wide mix of content.
For those of us of a certain age that remember big band music on Dad's AM car radio, 1940s Radio radio stream - Listen online for free
Has no commercials and a good mix of intrumentals & vocals. Loving it, we lost our 40-s 50's 60-s AM station in town about 1990 which went to talk radio. ****, there was nothing on AM band to listen in rural New Mexico last October, but yak, yak yak. Bad as border radio. Remember XEG? ZZ Top did a song about it, XEG couldn't even play whole songs without a commercial. I Heard it on the X.
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