Good/Bad Sounding Chips


2005-01-01 3:33 pm
I have read that 3875 sounds better than 3886, myself i have only heard the 3875 and it sounded quite good, nothing like the OPA541 tho. The OPA541 had a sound stage i never heard before, so large, wide and clear, driving the subs i had back then the room felt like water filled when i turned volume up to max but the cones barely moved at all. I never even got to make a amp before i fried the OPA`s :( I bought them on ebay the week before i tested them.


2004-01-29 5:25 pm

I have recently used OPA541 and OPA549, I have used 0-36 transformer and I needed some kind of voltage splitter, so I used OPA549 for a circuit from Elektor circuits 304, I have used 4700uF on each rail from the OPA549, and 10000uF at the bridge rectifier output.

For the audio amplifier I have used OPA541, I was shocked with the sound, it was amazing indeed, although I have used 6.5" speakers, and did not expect the Bass to sound good, I was realy amazed, the Bass filled my home, not only my room. My father started yelling and shouting, turn the hummer down !! I was playing some stuff for Scooter :)

I went out to the garden around the home, the Bass was still digging, and I was really pleased with results that I have not expected :)

I will post pictures of schematics and PCB when I finish them, as I have used ugly construction method for the first time in my whole life, and it was worth the trial ;)

Kind day