Good alternative to the SI T-Amp?


2007-11-12 6:01 pm
I need a low power amp to drive my Altec 288 8K compression drivers (105db/w/m) from 400hz on up.

Seems like you can't get a T-amp for $25 in the US anymore. So I've been looking for alternatives to give me a idea if I like the sound. However I don't want to mess around with soldering together a kit at this stage, rather I'm looking for a pre-assembled board.

I already have a 3A regulated 12v power supply, so I'm thinking something like this (see link) would be ideal. The down side is this shop isn't in the USA and might take up to a month to arrive.

Anyone have experience with this amp? Also if anyone has any alternative suggestions up to $40, that would be great.