Good all-round coaxial cable stripper tool

Hi gents, forgive me asking what's probably a common question, but my search terms haven't come up with anything...

I'm looking for recommendations for a reliable coaxial cable stripping/preparation tool to cope with a variety of non-standard coax types and sizes in the 5-10mm range.

Ideally want something that is unlikely to damage the outer braid, and fairly quick and easy to use. To date I've always done it slowly and carefully with a scalpel, but need to make up rather more cables rather more often now...

This isn't a tool, but for a laugh, here is a link to another kind of stripper! It is "R" rated which means that if nudity upsets you, don't watch it. Since you are English, you are in one of those countries where you can do this on the street (or at least the seaside) withot getting arrested :)

Acoustic Treatment Exposed

I am a fan of Ethan Winer. He has much to say about audio and is somewhat hostile to the subjectivist hogwash in our hobby (audio).