Goldmund Studio motor wiring

Hey there folks. I just picked up a gorgeous Goldmund Studio TT with a non-working Papst motor. This thing was completely disassembled and bubble wrapped for shipping. Unfortunately, I didn't see the motor wires in all the layers of bubble wrap, so like a big ape, completely pulled them free of their respective connections on the back of the front panel...My question is, does anybody have a clue what wire goes where so I can try to troubleshoot the motor?

I'm thinking red and white on the power switch (to the far right), blue to the speed selector (red switch in the middle), and orange and black to the 33 and 45 fine tuning pots. Thoughts?


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I think it would probably be best to contact Goldmund directly for this information. (Guessing wrong could destroy the motor)

There is some possibility that the information you seek is available on, but you must join in order to access the library and database.

Thanks, but messages to "[email protected]"bounce back to me.